Watch Jay Leno Try His Best Not To Geek Out While Driving His Own Ford GT

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It's time to let the pro give us the synopsis we've all been waiting for.

Ford was very deliberate when it crafted a special process to help it decide who was special enough to get its GT supercar. Unlike Ferrari, which favors people rich, loyal, and well connected enough to be in the "in" club, Ford wanted to make sure that the GT was as enthusiast-oriented as possible. The GT can still be considered a piece of unobtanium, but Ford wanted to make sure its fans got to see as much of the highly limited car as possible while simultaneously keeping it out of the hands of car flippers.

That's why it decided to hand keys over to owners who promised to display it and take it to events where the public could see it in person. YouTube stars like Shmee got a copy for that reason, but Jay Leno may be one of the most devoted celebrity enthusiasts, so it was a given he'd be chosen to buy a GT as well.

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Ford didn't even have to ask him to make this video, you knew his love of fast cars and an innate need to share that love would be enough for his GT to find its way onto an episode of Jay Leno's garage. It's time to give ample thanks that the wait is over because Leno has released his in-depth review of his own GT, showing off everything from its unique features and insane limits to the box Ford sent him so he could spec out the car. One interesting thing to make note of is the cramped cabin. Leno is a big guy and the GT is a narrow car, so we get a fairly close up view of our narrator, but then again this is not a car you buy for comfort.

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