Watch Jeremy Clarkson Drive The Bugatti Chiron Right Here Right Now

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Time for a European road trip.

The second season of The Grand Tour has arrived, but Amazon Prime is releasing each new episode in the traditional sense, instead of the so-called Netflix method of making the entire season of a show available to stream at once. Honestly though, we don't mind Amazon's choice because it allows for some hype to build for each new episode of Clarkson, Hammond and May's shenanigans. So, what's happening in episode three? It's time for the Bugatti Chiron and Clarkson to formerly meet.

In addition to that, Hammond and May partake in a new sport called car park racing, along with celebrity guest Hugh Bonneville. But the real treat, obviously, is Clarkson's time in the 1,479 hp Chiron.

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Last week, Jezza was behind the wheel of the Ford GT, and now he's all about twin-turbo V6s. But the Chiron is quite different than the GT. It's impossible not to respect it, but does it pass the so-called Clarkson test? You can find out in the next episode. In the meantime, watch Clarkson make his usual quotable remarks while steering the Chiron through Europe's highways.

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