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Watch Jeremy Clarkson Fall Madly In Love With The Ford GT

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Uh, how could anyone not?

For those who don't have Amazon Prime, your options for watching the second season of The Grand Tour can be limited. We're not suggesting doing anything illegal, but there are alternative ways to see the show. The Grand Tour's official YouTube channel has been regularly posting trailers and clips of the new season, and the latest is of Jeremy Clarkson cruising down an American highway in the new Ford GT. The action takes place during a race from New York City to Niagara Falls.

James May is facing off against Clarkson, but not in a private car. No, Captain Slow is making use of public transportation. Makes sense. But back to Clarkson; his initial reaction to the Ford GT was that of many of us: why no V8?

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A Ford supercar ought to have a proper V8, like this car's predecessor. Instead, there's that 647-hp, 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6, which shares some 60 percent of its components with the version found in the F-150 pickup truck. And yet, according to Jezza, it sounds like a "mad Caterham when you put your foot down." Sound wise, "there's no artificial farts and bangs" instead of the sadly all too common these days fake engine noises purposely being played in the cabin. Put it like this, once any car passes the Clarkson test it'll gain the approval of any potential leftover naysayers. And the Ford GT passes that test with flying colors.