Watch Jeremy Clarkson Get Emotional About A Certain Porsche

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Even Jezza has a soft side.

We all know Jeremy Clarkson and his Clarkson ways. The guy really is one of a kind. And for the most part we only think of the guy as being funny, sarcastic and, all-around professional smart ass who gets really angry when he can't get a hot meal after a day's shoot. But like every human being, the guy has a softer and more emotional side. It doesn't show much but every now and there's a reason why Jezza will show his feelings. The reason here is the Porsche 928. Yes, the very same 928 featured on that now notorious Top Gear Patagonia special.

The locals weren't very fond of its license plate and sort of took matter into their own hands. Anyway, that's another story, but watching Jezza discuss why the Porsche 928 has a special place in his heart is quite touching. Anybody else hold a special memory of a certain car?

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