Watch Jerry Seinfeld And The Fast And Furious Crew In This Hilarious Mashup

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This compilation was bound to happen sooner or later.

Jerry Seinfeld and the Fast and Furious franchise. What do they have in common? That's easy. Cars. Aside from a shared love for four wheels, there's not much else, but that doesn't mean some good editing skills can't be put to use. Thanks to Funny or Die, a video mashup featuring clips from Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and the Furious franchise are spliced together for just over a minute of dialogue that makes sense. The Rock and Seinfeld's conversation is particularly well done.

Although the two brands couldn't be further apart in terms of style and substance, the common interest in cars is what makes this all possible.

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We already know there's going to be additional Fast and Furious movies as well as more seasons of Seinfeld's web series, so we'd love to see a sequel of sorts at some point down the line to Comedians in Cars Driving Fast and Furiously. Enjoy the laughs.

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