Watch John Hennessey Talk About Inspiration Behind Venom GT

If Hennessey isn't your hero already, he will be after watching this.

John Hennessey has a true gearhead soul. He loves horsepower and whatever methods it takes to achieve more. He’s dedicated his life and career to going fast on pavement. And perhaps the ultimate culmination to his years of hard work is the Venom GT. It’s not every day that someone goes and builds a car that’s faster than the Bugatti Veyron. This sucker managed to hit 270.4 mph while flying down a NASA runway.

This was something huge personally for Hennessey as well: watching his car break a world record at the very place where NASA sent astronauts into space and later to the moon.

Oh yeah, Hennessey wanted to be an astronaut as a kid after being inspired by President Kennedy’s moon speech as well as the Apollo moon landings themselves. Check out the video ahead as Hennessey speaks candidly on how JFK and NASA inspired him. And here's the record-breaking Venom GT video once again:

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