Watch Just How Easy It Is To Drive A Robot-Controlled Big Rig

The Simpsons predicted this technology all the way back in 1999.

A few days ago we brought you photos of the world’s first autonomous big rig, the Freightliner Inspiration. Now we’re bringing you video shot by CNET from inside the cabin. Back in 1999 “The Simpsons” showed us a world of self-driving trucks that was filled with naps and general shenanigans. Daimler's autonomous truck doesn’t let drivers take it that easy, but it gets pretty damn close. Drivers don’t need to have their hands on the wheel and only need to pay attention for system warnings.

The warnings kick in, and the driver takes control, should the cameras and radar fail to recognize the lanes on the road. It’s a pretty fascinating system that may pave the way for autonomous vehicles to become road-legal in more states.

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