Watch Ken Block And BJ Baldwin Race For The Gold In Maverick X3s

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It's the Gymkhana legend vs the Recoil mastermind...what could go wrong?

You may remember BJ Baldwin from his experience hooning trophy trucks like there's no tomorrow after making bets with Dan Bilzerian in Recoil, Baldwin's off-road version of the Gymkhana videos. And then there's Ken Block, whose name that needs no introduction (because if it does, you're too far gone to save). Both are legendary at their sports, which are little more than variations of kicking up dust and killing tires with capable cars. So when the two get together to compete, things are bound to get interesting.

The result of the matchup is the Battle Broyale, and with team Block and team Baldwin facing off, no one knows what will happen.

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The two bros and their respective teams are given Can-Am Maverick X3s for the competition, which should prove interesting for a variety of reasons. First, neither are vehicles that their drivers are most accustomed to. Block usually picks a Ford Focus hatchback of some sort while Baldwin specializes in racing stadium super trucks. Still, the race is more up Baldwin's alley given that it involves jumps and doesn't require millimetric precision around tight corners like the Gymkhana videos. In either case, we like where these races are going. It takes the basic premise of Gymkhana and Recoil and adds some more competition. We'll see how things fare when Block gets on some pavement in a modified Ford.

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