Ken Block Shows What The Hyundai i20 WRC Rally Car Can Do

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This WRC-spec i20 packs a mean punch that melts rubber with ease.

It's no secret that Ken Block loves a bit of speed. Whether he's piloting his incredible Audi S1 Hoonitron or ascending the treacherous Tianmen Mountain road in a 900-horsepower truck, the master driver is at his happiest when behind the wheel of a car.

In his latest video following Electrikhana, Block visits the Hoonigan Tire Slayer Studios with his Hyundai i20 WRC rally car and sets about obliterating the rear tires with a series of torturous wheelspins, donuts, and dramatic slides. At the 16-minute mark, the Korean hatchback can be seen strutting its stuff.

The acclaimed wheelman launches the Korean hatch with gusto, sending it off in a cloud of tire smoke and noise. The agile i20 is maneuvered around two barrels with ease. Mere inches separate the rear end from the boundary wall, emphasizing Block's exceptional car control.

Ken Block/YouTube Ken Block/YouTube

Of course, these backyard antics are nothing compared to what Block and his competition-ready i20 go through on a regular basis. The Hyundai, once a pukka World Rally Championship racer, now accompanies its owner on the ARA (American Rally Association) rally series.

Things seemed to be going well for the professional driver, who notes he competed in eight of the nine available events. Remarkably, Block won four of these races but, unfortunately, suffered some bad luck. "There were actually two events where I was leading [...], and I actually lost it. One by hitting a deer," laments the 54-year-old.

It may be based on a humdrum hatchback, but this i20 packs a serious punch and will easily beat an Elantra N into submission.

Ken Block/YouTube

Block explains that his ex-WRC Hyundai is the previous generation of rally cars and doesn't feature the hybrid setup that is employed by the current crop. It's far from outdated, though, and boasts a flotilla of aerodynamic and safety accouterments.

Block adores his i20 and notes that it instills a high level of confidence in him. "We did a lot of tests [and] changes to the car - made it work for me. Then I just got to drive it flat out for the rest of the year with confidence. That's the big difference. I want to go fast and take big risks, but you can't do that if you're not confident in what is underneath you."

That's clear to see that Block's confidence in this car is supreme in the way he pulls off daring moves, both in the parking lot and the cramped workshop, with no remorse for tires. Hopefully, he can take that confidence to his next competitive rally.

Ken Block/YouTube Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan

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