Watch Kia's New Super Bowl Commercial And Try Not To Cry

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This one is a real tear-jerker.

Super Bowl viewers had better keep a box of tissues close by, as Kia's new Super Bowl commercial, Perfect 10, will have tears streaming down your cheeks. Featuring the new Kia EV9, the automaker's three-row electric SUV, the commercial opens with a young figure skater putting on an impressive show for the crowds.

While her performance is mesmerizing and garners praise from the crowds, she looks up to see an empty chair next to her dad. Visibly disappointed, her father hatches a plan to raise her spirits. Behind the wheel of his 2024 EV9, he carefully navigates a snow-covered mountain pass and challenging back roads, with the electric SUV taking everything in its stride.

The Kia arrives at a secluded country cabin, where snow falls on a small frozen pond - the perfect place for an impromptu figure skating show. In the house is her grandpa, who is shown in a wheelchair.

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Using the EV9's Vehicle to Load feature, the father can power a large speaker and fairy lights that he set up for the impromptu show. The young girl puts on a dazzling performance for her grandfather, who watches from a nearby window with tears coming from his eyes. As her program concludes, her biggest fan draws a perfect '10' on the misty glass. The advert is set to Cat Power and Coldplay's Wish I Was Here.

"The Kia EV9 is electric like you've never seen, and 'Perfect 10' will introduce our groundbreaking three-row EV SUV to more than 100 million people with a heartwarming story about the power we all have inside of us, the power to make someone smile," said Russell Wager, vice president of marketing at Kia America.

Kia America/YouTube Kia America/YouTube Kia America/YouTube Kia America/YouTube

Perfect 10 takes a different direction from Kia's humorous 2023 Super Bowl commercial, which featured the Telluride and a dad desperate to find his baby's binky. Automakers often tug on our heartstrings; Chevrolet's latest holiday advert was a real tear-jerker.

If you find yourself enamored by the EV9, pricing for the entry-level Light RWD weighs in at $54,900. This goes up to $73,900 for the range-topping GT-Line AWD. A sportier GT version is expected to arrive in the coming years and will carry a premium price tag. With up to 304 miles on a single charge, the three-row SUV should be practical enough for most needs.

Kia will air 30-, 15-, and 6-second versions of Perfect 10 on various platforms, including digital and social media.

Kia America/YouTube Kia America/YouTube Kia America/YouTube Kia America/YouTube Kia America/YouTube

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