Watch Koenigsegg Explain Why Koenigsegg Is F-cking Awesome

Because passion is everything.

There’s really no other carmaker in the word quite like Koenigsegg, with the single exception of Pagani. But Koenigsegg is Swedish, the country where Volvo and Saab were born (and the latter died). Point being, Sweden hasn’t exactly been known for producing hypercars, something Italy has proven capable of doing time and again. But Christian von Koenigsegg is a man with a deep passion to build the fastest, most powerful, and advanced cars on Earth.

He founded his company in 1994 and began production of the first model, the CCX, two years later. Nearly everything is done in-house at Koenigsegg, and there is no end-game; there’s always another level to conquer. So perhaps it’d be best to allow for Mr. Koenigsegg to explain his life’s mission himself.

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