Watch Leno Drive This 1910 Buick "Bug" Race Car

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Jay Leno fires up this piece of history - literally.

Jay Leno never ceases to amaze with his collection of scrumptious classic and exotic cars. This week, he gets a loaner from the Sloan Museum - a 1910 Buick 60 Special, nicknamed 'The Bug' by its racing developers. A 622-cc 4-cylinder engine that makes 57hp might not sound like much, but this 3-speed racer reached a whopping 100 mph. With no reverse and not much in terms of brakes, Leno takes this one-seater out on the road, giving it a run for its money.

When he gives it back to the museum's curator, it's literally smoking with flames. This car might be one of Buick's proudest achievements in the last century. Don't miss it.

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