Watch Lewis Hamilton Pull An Absurd 6.5G Mid-Corner And Try Not To Black Out

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Further proof that F1 drivers are as impressive as the cars they drive.

Lewis Hamilton may make the life of an F1 driver appear glorious, and we're certainly not doubting the effect that a $150 million contract with Mercedes has on his life, but there's no doubt that the man has a tough job. With Formula One rules changing each year, Hamilton must start every season with a healthy amount of practice to digest the changes Mercedes makes to the F1 car. As we see in this video, that job has gotten much more difficult this year.

That's because the new F1 regulations allow teams to use bigger tires and larger wings, substantially increasing the amount of grip each car carries through corners. To put the absurdity into perspective, a video comparing the G-Force recorded from Hamilton's F1 car to last year's peak forces was put together.

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Thanks to a handy G-Force meter on the left, we can see that Hamilton pulls an absurd peak of 6.5G through Turn 11, up 1.2G from the previous year. To put that into perspective, the a military fighter jet can pull up to 9G during a high speed maneuver, which is right about the limit to what a human trained to deal with such forces can withstand before blacking out. That may be a substantial addition of 2.5G over Hamilton's peak, but keep in mind that this is an F1 car traveling on the ground and not a fighter jet hovering around Mach 2. This is all the proof we need to know that man and machine must be equally impressive to compete at the F1 level.

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