Watch Mercedes' Electric G-Class Copy Rivian's Tank Turn

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It's set to become a feature of four-motor electric off-roaders.

Over two years ago, Rivian introduced us to a quirky but cool feature of the R1T pickup: Tank Turn. This allows the electric truck to spin around in circles all day long - preferably on a slippery surface - since it has four independent electric motors. The ability for the wheels on one side to spin in the opposite direction to the wheels on the other side makes the Tank Turn possible. Ford appears to be working on a similar idea, and now Mercedes-Benz has jumped on the spinning bandwagon with the upcoming EQG, essentially an electric G-Class. The automaker showed off this party trick in a short clip recently.

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In it, we can see the electric G-Wagen - still concealed in camouflage - performing the trick on a sandy surface. The lumbering SUV has the same blocky, rudimentary proportions that the G-Class has always been known for, but we've never seen it pull a move quite like this.

But spinning on its own axis isn't just a cool feature for entertaining the kids. The "tank turn" functionality, dubbed G-turn by the automaker, will enable better maneuverability in tight spots, both at the mall and in the bush. That should make the electric G-Class an even better off-roader than the rugged SUV we've known well for all these years. With four electric motors, it's likely to be even more powerful than today's AMG G63.

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The EQG Concept unveiled last year retains the instantly recognizable profile but with a few fresh details such as the blue animated lights that form part of the grille. What hasn't changed is the presence of a rugged ladder frame with a solid rear axle. And, just last week, we discovered that the EQG will use advanced battery technology with silicon anode chemistry. Set to receive this technology around the middle of this decade, it should provide enough range so that customers can explore the great outdoors without worrying about getting stranded. With familiar looks, the promise of impressive driving range, and new tech like the G-turn made possible by those four independent electric motors, the upcoming EQG should be worth the wait.

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