Watch Michelle Rodriguez Break 200 MPH In The Jaguar F-Type SVR

How the hell is this not a scene from the next Fast and the Furious?

Actress Michelle Rodriguez is probably best known for appearing in the Fast and the Furious franchise, but the badass beauty isn’t as big a gearhead as she might seem. In fact, Rodriguez didn’t even have her license when she auditioned for the first film. Seriously. But since then she has been behind the wheel of some badass cars which is probably why Jaguar invited her out to the Nevada desert to haul ass in the new F-Type SVR. On the closed highway she’s able to hit an amazing 201 mph.

That beats the personal best of Rodriguez, which she says at the top of the video is 140-145 mph. It’s a cool marketing stunt that’s definitely worth a look so check out the video here.

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