Watch Million Dollar Classics Go Drifting On Ice

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These classic car owners aren't afraid to have fun in their investments.

While some classic car owners refuse to touch their prized possessions for fear of losing any value, others believe if you have spent money on it, you may as well enjoy it. An example of this is the annual Goodwood Revival that invites classic race car owners to enjoy their multi-million dollar cars on track. If the video content is anything to go by, these individuals drive those classics the way their designers intended them to be driven.

Taking things to an even greater extreme is the ICE (International Concours of Elegance) St Moritz. It's not a racing event per se but it does enable owners of all sorts of cars, from a modern Maserati MC20 to a priceless Ferrari 250 GTO, to have some fun from behind the wheel.

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The event takes place every year in the Swiss Alps. Like many other annual gatherings, the event runners were forced to put the event on hold for the last two years but for 2022, the occasion came back swinging. As you can tell by the video, the event does consist of having tons of fun in the snow but it is a concourse event first and foremost.

With the competition limited to just 45 classic cars, it is quite a bit more exclusive than other classic competitions. For this year, the jurors struggled to allocate awards to the five divisions because every single competitor was in pristine condition. Giants in the industry including the Ferrari Testarossa Spider used in Michael Jackson's Pepsi commercial and the authentic Aston Martin DB5 used in one of the James Bond movies. Regardless, after much deliberation, the victors were selected.

ICE Moritz ICE Moritz ICE Moritz ICE Moritz

For the Jet Set on Ice category, the 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB was awarded the win. This particular example is one of four cars that were put together with the long nose alloy bodies, giving it enhanced style and athleticism. The Star on Wheels Class was won by the 1968 Lamborghini Miura which took to the silver screen in the iconic opening scene of Italian Job.

The 1967 Morris Mini Cooper S was awarded the Vintage Road Racing crown for its multiple victories at several rally competitions. Barchettas on the Lake was won by the 1953 Jaguar C Type for being owned by the same family since the 1970s. For the Vintage Grand Prix Division, the 1939 Maserati 4CL penned by Ernesto Maserati himself, was given the win.

ICE Moritz ICE Moritz ICE Moritz ICE Moritz ICE Moritz ICE Moritz

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