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Watch Molten Lava Devour A Ford Mustang In Hawaii

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No, that won't buff right out.

Last Thursday, Hawaii's Kilauea volcano violently erupted, with the resulting molten hot lava flowing into nearby neighborhoods. Some 1,700 residents were asked to evacuate because, well, molten hot lava was on its way. Unfortunately, there was property damage, and one of the unlucky victims was an old Ford Mustang. But don't worry too much, it wasn't exactly a classic Mustang from the 1960s, but rather a late 90s "New Edge" Mustang that was parked at the wrong place at the absolute wrong time.

Fortunately, local authorities have reported no human deaths or injuries, so there's that. But still, watching that lava make its way towards the defenseless and doomed Mustang is pretty painful.

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The tension is (somewhat) like from a horror movie when the audience knows a specific character is about to meet their end by some psychopath killer, only the scene is spread out just to make that character's death even more brutal. That's kind of like what's happening in this video. We also noticed the Mustang is parked on the side of the road for some reason. Perhaps the owners heard about the incoming lava flow and fled, but on foot? Unfortunately we don't know all of the details. But most importantly no one was hurt. This Mustang, however, well, it no longer exists.