Watch NZ Cops Rescue Trapped Woman From Sinking BMW M3 Moments Before Drowning

Thirty seconds later, the car was totally submerged.

These incredible images have emerged from Auckland, New Zealand, where police officers smashed through the rear glass of a sinking BMW M3 in order to save a 63-year-old woman trapped inside. When the two cops arrived on the scene, the M3, which had rolled into the water at Fisherman’s Wharf, was already three-quarters submerged and two members of the public were trying desperately to keep it afloat.

The trapped woman can be seen in the back seat, clambering to get some air, and at that point the police estimated they had about one minute to get her out before the car went under.

Failing to smash the glass with his baton, one of the cops managed to find a large rock from the ocean floor, which did the job. Thirty seconds after dragging the woman out, the BMW was totally submerged. She was later taken to hospital but suffered no injuries.

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