Watch Out Tesla: The Karma Revero Will Go On Sale Next Month

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Fisker returns as Karma complete with nationwide dealer network.

The Fisker Karma is once again making a triumphant return to the automotive market, only this time under a brand new name. As we reported back in April, Karma Automotive has announced its distribution strategy for the Karma Revero, the first model from the revamped carmaker. The Fisker brand has had a rocky go of things since the company was first launched by Henrik Fisker back in 2007, and is looking to get back on track with the launch of a network of franchised dealers all across the United States.

The Karma brand is currently under the control of the Wanxiang Group, which is a Chinese firm that also owns the manufacturer who supplies the Karma's batteries. If all goes to plan, Wanxiang and Karma hope to open the first ten dealers in their network by the end of this year, eight in the US and two in Canada. The strategy employed here is going to be very similar to that of Tesla. Instead of traditional dealerships, Karma will open "brand experience centers" similar in style and operation to the "centers" used by Tesla. One key difference, however, is the fact that Karma stores will not be owned by the parent company but rather follow a more traditional franchise model.

Based in Southern California, Karma Automotive plans to open these dealer stores in places where other high-end automobiles such as McLaren, Porsche and Rolls-Royce are already sold. The first dealer is scheduled to open in Orange County, California on September 8, 2016, with other launch dealers located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Montreal, Toronto, Miami and Los Angeles. "Purchasing a Karma represents entry into an exclusive club, for those who share a passion for memorable automotive design and a desire to drive a vehicle that is good for the environment," said Jim Taylor, Chief Revenue Officer. "The dealers we chose understand this customer's DNA."

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