Watch Pink Floyd's Drummer Crash His McLaren F1 GTR At Goodwood

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Only 28 were built. Now one is damaged. Oh, and Nick Mason is fine.

This is pretty painful to see. Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, a longtime racing fan and driver, crashed his extremely rare McLaren F1 GTR this past weekend at the Goodwood Circuit during the 75th Members' Meeting. It wasn't an actual race, more like a spectacle of tens of millions of dollars on four wheels, such as a racing-spec Ferrari F40 LM, dubbed the GT1 demo. All participating cars were waved onto the track by officials who made sure there was proper spacing between the cars, specifically to avoid what ended up happening.

As the commentators were discussing the F40 as it roared its way around the circuit, suddenly we hear one of them go all British and shout "Oh my golly!" as the F1 GTR spins off track and into a wall. Mason, who just turned 73, has driven at Goodwood previously, so he is familiar with the track, but still.

The damage to his street-legal F1 GTR definitely won't be a cheap fix, and we assume it can be repaired. Although he said prior to the event that he rarely drives it, he did say it's a "wonderful road car." Hopefully it will be again one day soon. For what it's worth, the Ferrari F40 finished the day without a scratch on it.

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