Watch Police Chase A Chevy Silverado Driver Who Fails To Give Up

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This took serious guts.

Typically when the police turn on their lights behind you on the road or highway, you pull over without fleeing. Not this Chevy Silverado driver from McLoud, Oklahoma. According to local NBC affiliate KFOR News, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and McLoud Police Department were in hot pursuit this past Monday of the Silverado as it was traveling westbound on the I-40 highway.

Just watch the video and you'll see how crazy this situation became.

As the driver, later identified as 43-year-old Floyd Grass, refused to stop, a patrol officer decided to perform what's called a PIT maneuver, which essentially forces a fleeing car to turn sideways abruptly with the driver losing control and being forced to stop.

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That almost happened but not quite. Instead, the truck rolled over and went straight towards oncoming traffic but a concrete barrier managed to prevent a serious collision. However, physics, in this case, favored the Silverado because it flipped right-side up. Even so, Grass still refused to surrender and kept going despite noticeable damage to the truck.

Pursing police continued to perform a few more PIT maneuvers but none worked out. Fortunately, Grass realized it was an impossible fight to win and finally gave up.

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So, what exactly made Grass flee like this in the first place? Precise details remain unknown though police indicated an officer was patrolling an area known for drug sales and saw the truck leave and break a traffic law. Grass obviously panicked but the report didn't say whether or not drugs were found in the vehicle following the chase.

What's the lesson here? Always pull over when police request you do so. Even those guilty of, say, drug possession, will only make matters far worse if they irrationally decide to flee.

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Source Credits: KFOR News

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