Watch Porsche Beat The Crap Out Of The Refreshed Macan Off-Road

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On road performance is one thing, but driving over rocks is something else.

Porsche literally guaranteed itself a sales hit when it launched the Macan back in 2014. But that was nearly five years ago so it's time for a mid-life refresh. Now, automotive refreshes vary widely, from a minor nip/tuck to a serious overhaul just shy of a complete redesign. Guess which of the two Porsche prefers? The heavily refreshed 2019 Macan will be making its debut very soon, and Porsche is convinced it'll continue to be its number one seller throughout the second half of its life. We don't doubt that, but the competition is catching up fast.

This new video from Porsche is, more or less, a warning sign to those competitors declaring that refreshed Macan is more than ready for battle. It's reportedly undergone extensive changes, mostly under the skin, such as expected new engines and other related components. Chances are a diesel variant will not be offered, at least in the US. However, a plug-in hybrid is expected. We can also see from the prototypes shown here testing in South Africa that the headlights and taillights have been updated.

The interior is also said to receive some extensive modifications. Considering the timing of this new video, a Paris debut this October is sounding like a strong possibility. Watching these Macan prototypes undergo final high altitude testing in South Africa is no doubt impressive. Remember, Porsche considers the Macan the sports car of SUVs, but most owners will require more than just fast highway drives. They need the capability of an SUV as well, though not quite at the level of, say, a Jeep Wrangler. Rock crawling isn't a hobby for everyone, but driving on some rough surfaces is certainly a requirement for all.

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