Watch Real Madrid Fans Lash Out At Gareth Bale's Bentley After Humiliating Loss

Insurance agents are probably urging the players not to lose too often.

In a sport where fans have historically murdered players after a loss (probably), it's a bit of a wonder that anyone would want to play the game. A quick look at some of the cars these guys are driving, and the supermodels riding next to them in the passenger seat, and one can quickly understand why. Still, losing is no walk in the park, as Real Madrid stars discovered after the team's recent loss to Barcelona in the 'El Classico" when two irate fans waited for players outside the ground to express their heated opinion.

Sergio Ramos was patient enough to hear out the disgruntled fans and for his efforts only received some heavy handed feedback. Teammates Jese Rodriguez Jr. and Gareth Bale, were less cooperative earning them some well placed kicks and punches to their Audi R8 and Bentley Continental GT while security guards did an amazing job detaining air.

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