Watch Richard Hammond Own A Drag Race Before He Crashes The Rimac


"If that is the future I am so ready!" - Richard Hammond

For Amazon Prime members, right now you can watch the second season of The Grand Tour. If you’re not a paying member of this streaming service, there is an alternative, illegal way of watching Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May on the tube, but we’re not suggesting anything. And then there’s YouTube. The Grand Tour’s official channel has just posted the drag race the three held prior to the infamous Rimac Concept_One crash with Hammond at the helm.

Facing off against Clarkson in a Lamborghini Aventador S and May in the Acura/Honda NSX, Hammond and his pre-crash Rimac immediately took the lead.There was never any chance the other two could catch up, and this left Clarkson nearly speechless.

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As for Hammond, he could barely keep up announcing his speed to the camera because the EV hypercar was just going so damn fast. “If that is the future I am so ready!” proclaimed Hammond after crossing the finish line well ahead of his two co-hosts. Clarkson and May duked it out for second place but that didn’t really matter. What mattered is just how insanely fast pure EV hypercar is compared to its internal combustion engined competitors. Although the Aventador S has a V12 and the NSX a hybrid boost, it was the Concept_One that, without question or mercy, dominated. That is, until, Hammond crashed it.