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Watch Richard Hammond Tell The World He's Not Dead

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This guy is having too many close calls.

We're sure you know by now what happened to Richard Hammond. Escaping death due to a serious high speed car crash not once but twice is, for lack of better words, stupid lucky. Unlike his horrendous 2006 crash which left him in a coma for two weeks, this time he managed to hobble away with only a fractured knee. Seconds later, the all-electric Rimac Concept One he was driving in Switzerland burst into flames. Hammond was airlifted to a local hospital, which is where he's recuperating today.

To clarify to the world he's officially alive and well, Hammond had his pal and co-host, James May, film a very brief video from his hospital bedside. The knee surgery, as Hammond describes, will result with him having a "Swiss army knee," but if that's the worst of all of this, then fine.

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He also apologizes to his wife and daughters for what's happened. Best of all, James smuggled in a bottle of gin for Hammond the night before. Hey, that's what friends are for. Glad you're okay, Richard. Please don't scare everyone like that again.