Watch Ryan Gosling Steal A Porsche 911 Turbo To Keep His Watch

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The extended commercial has both of our favorite Carreras in one place.

Porsche and TAG Heuer have enlisted the services of Hollywood A-lister Ryan Gosling to market the new Carrera. We're not talking about a new rear-engine sports car, but rather the TAG Heuer 60th Anniversary Carrera Chronograph. And don't worry - we do still get some car stuff, courtesy of a 930-generation 911 Turbo finished in Rubystar Red, an iconic pink hue otherwise known as Rubystone Red. Thanks to the upcoming Barbie film, Gosling has had some experience with pink cars lately.

This is far from the first time that the watchmaker and the automaker have joined forces, with several timepieces available with branding from both companies, including one that celebrates the original Carrera RS. But for a 60th anniversary, TAG Heuer wanted star power, and stars don't get much bigger than Gosling and a G-model 911.


The short film is titled The Chase for Carrera and sees the actors shooting a commercial within the commercial; it's all a bit Inception in here. The premise is that Gosling admires the watch so much that when it comes time to wrap shooting and return the chronograph to the propmaster, he can't give it up.

This has happened several times before, but the effort of chasing Gosling does not deter the propmaster, and she endures explosions and even a harrowing ride atop the roof of the 911 to get Gosling to relinquish the piece of jewelry. If it were us, we'd let her have it and enjoy the other type of Carrera in the mountains. That wouldn't make quite so good an ad, though.


Once filming wraps, the real prop master asks for the watch, and yet again, Gosling makes a break for it.

As you may know, the names of both the watch and the sports car come from the Carerra Panamericana, a grueling race through Mexico that was widely held to be the most dangerous race of any kind in the world. Thus, it's fitting that TAG Heuer's slogan is "Don't crack under pressure," and another of its marketing taglines, as mentioned in the short film above, is that the Carrera is "worn by the best drivers in the world."

This ad leans more into celebrity silliness than motorsport, but it's still a cool way to see two of our favorite Carreras in one place.


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