Watch Ryan Tuerck Bury The Nose Of His Ferrari-Powered GT86 Into A Mountain


Don't worry, Ryan is all good. His "GT458?" Not so much.

The second thing you'll notice about Ryan Tuerck's Ferrari 458-powered Toyota GT86 is that it doesn't sound quite sound like it's a Ferrari's engine. That signature wail is missing, replaced by a high-rev grumble that sounds less shrill. At least the first thing to notice about the car: how well it can tear apart its tires, will ensure that nobody thinks its less sonorous nature means that it's not a beast. A beast so ferocious, in fact, that sometimes even Tuerck himself can't handle it.

That was quickly made apparent when Tuerck and the Donut Media team set out to film another stylish tire execution for us sadists to get off on. Maybe he was out of practice, but during the first run of the day, Tuerck managed to crash that red four-wheeled superpower.

It happened after the tire, perhaps looking to protest its impending doom, caught the inside edge of the road and pulled the car into the side of the mountain. Tuerck emerged unharmed. His Toyota GT458? Not so much. Luckily the damage was something that Donut Media's roadside repair guys were able to take care of and after a band-aid fix, the GT458 was back on the road. Kids in Africa are still starving due to war and antibiotic resistance may still spell the death of us all, but we can at least live happy knowing Tuerck's story ends with smoky drifts pulled off with enough flair to remove his need to feel humiliated about the accident earlier in the day.

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