Watch Ryan Tuerck Drifting Up a 2,000-Feet Hillclimb in 600-HP Scion FR-S

The sideways view he got of Vermont must have been spectacular.

Hillclimbs are hardly a new thing in motorsports. So hearing that Ryan Tuerck made a video of his climb of Burke Mountain in Vermont might not sound that exciting at first, even if it was done in a 600-horsepower 2JZ-powered Scion FR-S. But it would be wrong to say that he just climbed the hill, because what he did was drift it, the whole thing, all 2,000 vertical feet of it. And it actually makes for quite a picturesque video, just not in the way you’re used to seeing.

At the end, Tuerck is joined by his BC Racing teammate Pat Goodin and his 1JZ-powered S13 for some tandem action.

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