Watch Singer's Off-Road Porsche 911 Get Some Crazy Air

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911s aren't supposed to do that, right?

Last week, Singer Vehicle Design unveiled its ballistic Porsche 911 All-Terrain Competition Study (ACS), and you've never seen a 911 quite like this one. Commissioned by a long-term client, two rally-ready 911s were created and were based on a 1990 Porsche 911 964.

The Parallax White example was conceived specifically for high-speed desert rallying, and to prove the point, Tuthill Porsche - a leading Porsche 911 rally workshop - shared a mesmerizing video of the dirt-ready 911 being pushed to its limits. Dominating the experience is the sound of that 3.6-liter flat-six, twin-turbocharged, air-cooled engine.

Tuthill Porsche Tuthill Porsche Tuthill Porsche

Appropriately, this dramatic 911 was being flung through the muddy terrain by Richard Tuthill himself, and his obvious skills behind the wheel were on full display throughout the almost three-minute clip. It's quite something to see a 911 going airborne and emitting a noise akin to that of a supercharged whine.

To make its heroics possible, the 911 boasts a dramatic increase in ride height and suspension travel, carbon-fiber body panels that allow for quick replacement, and permanent all-wheel drive. The long-travel suspension features twin, five-way adjustable dampers at every corner. Those forged aluminum wheels, meanwhile, are wrapped in BF Goodrich all-terrain tires, a far cry from the performance summer tires you'd find on a new 911 Turbo.

Tuthill Porsche/YouTube Tuthill Porsche/YouTube Tuthill Porsche/YouTube Tuthill Porsche/YouTube

According to Tuthill Porsche, the 3.6-liter flat-six's power starts at 450 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque, with the engine paired with a five-speed sequential dog-box that makes flat-shifting possible. Other features you won't find on your standard, road-going 911 include the roll cage, a long-range fuel tank, and even a rehydration system for the driver and navigator. Most of all, it looks like one helluva fun machine to drive and instantly becomes one of the best Porsche rally cars ever made.

"This collaboration brings together the best of innovation, cutting-edge technology, and decades of real rallying experience into one amazingly capable, all-terrain off-road racing vehicle," said Tuthill.

Tuthill Porsche/YouTube Tuthill Porsche/YouTube Tuthill Porsche/YouTube Tuthill Porsche/YouTube

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