Watch Subaru's Latest WRX STI Rally Car Rip Around A Frozen Wisconsin Lake


Listen to that boosted boxer scream.

As Subaru Rally Team USA gears up for its inaugural season in Americas Rallycross, the ladies and gents at the team decided to give their latest WRX STI rally car a chilly shakedown at Subaru Winter Experience in Eagle River, Wisconsin. Thankfully, Subaru brought along a camera crew to catch the shenanigans and posted the footage on YouTube in a video it called “Open Ice.”

In partnership with Dirtfish, Flatout Sweden, and Kühl, the Japanese automaker each year hosts the Subaru Winter Experience on Dollar Lake in Wisconsin. There, attendees can push Subaru's performance cars to the limit on an ice track plowed into the lake without fear of hitting something more rigid than a snowbank.

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Subaru Rally Team USA took advantage of the opportunity to let loose its latest WRX STI monster, which will be piloted this year by David Higgins and Travis Pastrana in stage rallies and Chris Atkinson and Patrik Sandell in Americas Rallycross, following a split between Subaru and Red Bull Global Rallycross. In “Open Ice,” the rally car screams around corners as it effortlessly handles the slippery frozen lake like a boss. Subaru also teases a miniseries for this year's stage rally campaign in the video's description. What could Subaru have in store for us? We'll have to wait a while to find out. In the meantime, enjoy this raucous boxer engine note.