Watch Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Prevent Crash Into Open Car Door

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FSD spotted a potential problem long before the driver did.

We've given Tesla a fair share of criticism over the last few years, but credit where credit is due. This particular Tesla was smart enough to avoid a collision that could have been seriously ugly.

Full Self-Driving Beta (FSDB) was released to Tesla owners in September 2021. Even though it was rated as a Level 2 autonomous driving aid, which requires the driver's hands to be on the wheel and pay attention at all times, several owners simply could care less.

YouTube was soon flooded with FSDB fails, and one Tesla employee was fired after he posted footage of his Model 3 crashing while the system was engaged.

RealMi Central/YouTube

FSDB has become more human-like in the months since its release, and the video above shows true potential.

We can clearly see the driver was not following the rules of Level 2 Autonomous driving. His hands were not on the yoke, but it's unclear whether he was paying attention to the road. His reaction to the opening door suggests the answer is no.

The car picked it up and saved the day, however. As an additional layer of safety, FSDB seems to be quite effective.

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RealMi Central/YouTube

While this video is undoubtedly impressive, it likely won't impact the many troubles Tesla is currently facing.

The Feds expressed concern following a recent tragic fatal accident, though it remains unclear whether Full Self-Driving or Autopilot was a factor. All we know for sure is that the Model S hit a stationary truck at high speeds.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is currently investigating the 38th incident involving a Tesla following the death of a motorcyclist. The NHTSA already has 37 other investigations under its belt, and all have suspected links to Tesla's equally infamous Autopilot system.

Tesla's website clearly states that "the currently enabled features require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle autonomous."

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