Watch Tesla's Autopilot Predict An Accident Moments Before It Happens

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Welcome to the future of safety tech.

If anyone is skeptical that advanced safety technologies are nothing more than overhyped beeps and sounds a car makes that automakers sucker people into paying extra for, well, you're wrong. At least when it comes to Tesla's Autopilot because, yeah, it totally works and here's video proof. This dash cam footage was taken by a Dutch Model X owner when suddenly the system alerted the driver for seemingly no apparent reason. Mere seconds later we see the vehicle in front of the Tesla crash into an SUV that wasn't even visible to the Model X driver.

But the Autopilot's Forward Collision Warning recognized what was about to happen. Fortunately, there were no major injuries as a result of the crash, but this is crystal clear proof Tesla's Autopilot isn't just some gimmick.

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Last September, in fact, Tesla released a software update that featured a new radar processing technology, and one of its main features is its processing capacity that has the ability to see what's happening ahead of the car in front of you, or two cars ahead. How does that work? The radar bounces underneath or around the vehicle in front of the Tesla. It "sees" what's happening two cars ahead what the Tesla driver can't due to an obstructed view. There's no doubt Autopilot prevented the Model X driver from literally slamming into the car immediately in front of him, making an already serious accident even worse. Welcome to the future (or present) of car safety tech.

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