Watch The 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray Hybrid Drift In Unreleased Teaser Video

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The promotional video was leaked online after GM apparently elected not to post it for the holidays.

A new video of the upcoming Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray drifting through snow has surfaced online thanks to Corvette Nut on YouTube. Back in April, a promotional video of the hybrid sports car was released, showing the 2024 E-Ray exploiting its all-wheel drive system to perform some lurid slides on ice. Since then, we've seen test vehicles on the Nurburgring and even been given a sneak preview of the customization options coming to the car. But while the original ice drifting video was shared by Chevrolet's official YouTube channel and the configurator was leaked on the automaker's website, this new video comes from a third party. Why?

Corvette Nut/YouTube

The first theory to spring to mind is that the video is fake, but it is shot professionally and even features a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen in fine print. The video is also superimposed with the text, "Unwrap something special this holiday," which suggests that the clip was intended to be released sometime this month ahead of the holiday season. Based on these factors, it appears that this is an official promotional clip that fell on the cutting room floor. Perhaps Chevrolet is not as far along with the E-Ray's development as it would have liked, or perhaps it decided that the video wasn't impactful enough. Whatever the reason, we're not complaining about seeing a mid-engine Corvette dabbling in some opposite lock.

Corvette Nut/YouTube

The E-Ray is expected to arrive sometime next year as a 2024 model and will likely feature the same 6.2-liter V8 found in the standard Corvette Stingray. The electric part of the hybrid system will add drive to the front wheels and some extra power, which is expected to be capped somewhere between 600-650 horsepower, although nothing has yet been confirmed. Once this is revealed, the next big thing from Chevrolet is expected to be the Zora, a 1,000-hp hypercar that will cement the 'Vette's status as an exotic-beating beast. 2023 and beyond are shaping up to be worth the wait.

Corvette Nut/YouTube Corvette Nut/YouTube

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