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It's clear to see the bold styling of the concept has been toned down somewhat.

Kia has come a long way in the past 20 years. The recently introduced Niro EV and the impressive EV6 are proof of this. The duo boast class-leading characteristics, impressive performance, and plenty of tech and style. What's more, they're symbols of Kia's electric ambitions. Aside from battery-powered commercial vehicles, the Korean brand plans to take the fight to Range-Rover with its upcoming EV9 electric SUV.

YouTuber CarSpyMedia recently spotted the newcomer slinking about German roads, with plenty of camouflage to conceal the imposing exterior styling. As expected, the EV9 moves about silently. Even with the heavy disguise, it's clear to see the EV9 will have plenty of road presence - as it should if Kia hopes to take on more prestigious brands.


If you look closely, Kia has provided us with a few styling details to assess. The wheel arches are dressed up with some tough-looking black trim which works well with the Nardo Gray-like paintwork. Like the smaller Seltos, this particular test mule features a black-painted A-pillar for a floating roof effect. Elsewhere, you'll note the prototype is shod with propeller-style twin-spoke alloys, also painted in black.

As previously reported, the headlights have a clear resemblance to the recently refreshed Telluride but we also see elements of the Niro in the front end. We're guessing Kia will style the EV9 more in line with the latter, in order to distance the electric SUV from its ICE-powered siblings.


The rear wears plenty of camouflage but, again, there are signs of the Niro EV here. The taillights appear to wrap around the D-pillar, but we assume the cluster will be larger than the one seen on the compact Niro. Overall, the styling and profile seem to have been carried over from the concept we first saw in 2021 - albeit considerably toned down.

With regards to planned electric powertrains, we anticipate the EV9 will be available with several setups with mirror the EV6 offerings. Kia has previously said the electric SUV will be capable of reaching 62 mph in five seconds with a range of around 335 miles. These figures will probably be achieved when specified with the EV6 GTs 577-horsepower setup. We can look forward to the EV9 hitting local roads as early as late 2023.


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