Watch The AMG ONE Prove Why It's Worth $2.8 Million

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The hypercar put on an extraordinary show at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

After years of drooling over spy shots, the awe-inspiring Mercedes-AMG ONE was finally unveiled earlier this month. The incredible creation from Affalterbach is the most extreme AMG yet and is powered by a Formula 1-sourced, mid-mounted, 1.6-liter V6 that produces a mesmerizing 1,049 horsepower, with the help of four electric motors.

Sadly, our hopes of driving (or even seeing) the F1-inspired hypercar were dashed when Mercedes announced the ONE won't be making it to the states. At least we can enjoy this feat of engineering from afar, through the wonders of YouTube and the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Mercedes-AMG chose the prestigious celebration of motoring for the ONE's global debut and, watching it tackle the historic hill climb, it didn't disappoint.

Mercedes-AMG Mercedes-AMG Mercedes-AMG Mercedes-AMG

The crowd watches in amazement as the modern-day Silver Arrow takes off from the line, its six-cylinder engine howling as the hypercar hurls itself toward the first corner. With the grace and balance of a ballet dancer, the AMG dances through the bends with ease, almost as if the course is too easy.

Suddenly, the $2.8 million AMG stops dead in its tracks. Onlookers stare, wondering if Merc's halo car is about to suffer an embarrassing technical failure. Thankfully, that's not the case. The driver of the AMG ONE quickly engages Race Mode, which engages the active aerodynamics and lowers the car by 1.5 and 1.2 inches, front and rear, and opens the vents over the front wheel arches.

This quick stop also allows attendees to snap some shots of the AMG. A few seconds later, the mighty Mercedes sets off at a rapid pace. What the 1.6-liter V6 engine lacks in size, it more than makes up for in speed and noise.

Goodwood Road & Racing/YouTube Goodwood Road & Racing/YouTube Goodwood Road & Racing/YouTube

As it shoots through the second half of the technical course, you can see it hunkering down - almost as if it's glued to the tarmac. It doesn't make a bad noise, either. Yes, we've heard better-sounding engines (the GMA T.50 comes to mind) but the AMG ONE comes pretty close. It sounds raw and unhinged; there are no engineered pops and bangs to be heard on the overrun, that's just the howl of a hugely powerful motor.

It's amazing to think what AMG achieved with such a small displacement. The turbocharged mill in AMG's smallest offering, the CLA 35, is bigger. Like a mythical creature, the Mercedes-AMG ONE thrilled for a brief moment, wowed onlookers, and quickly disappeared over the hill. For attending AMG fans, this must have been the sighting of a lifetime.

Goodwood Road & Racing/YouTube Goodwood Road & Racing/YouTube Goodwood Road & Racing/YouTube Goodwood Road & Racing/YouTube

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