Watch The Aston Martin Lagonda Try To Justify Its $1 Million Price Tag

It better have a fountain of youth inside.

Few cars in the world today cost more than a million dollars, and those that do are either incredibly old and rare or just incredibly fast and rare (or all three!). This fact of automobile life is about to become history because Aston Martin has a lot of faith in its newest creation, the Lagonda Taraf. The Lagonda name carries quite a bit of history with it, and Aston Martin is hoping that plus a load of luxury will help justify its price tag. Initially the car was only offered to customers in the Middle East, but this is no longer the case.

Check out this Motor Trend review to see if Aston Martin is justified in selling this sedan for so much. While we may not think the price is right we won't argue that the Lagonda Taraf looks absolutely stunning.

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