Watch The Baby Driver Subaru Slide In The Snow During NYC Bomb Cyclone

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Nice to see the stunt car in Baby Driver is being put to good use during the recent snowstorm in New York.

Edgar Wright's Baby Driver was by far the best car movie released in 2017, a love letter to classic car chase movies that had an emphasis on real car stunts unlike the CGI-filled Fast & Furious films that are getting more far-fetched with each installment. Baby Driver's thrilling opening car chase stars a red Subaru WRX STI evading the cops during a daring daytime bank heist and features some of the best stunt driving we've seen in years performed by Jeremy Fry.

Several Subaru WRXs were used in the film, including one that was converted into a rear-wheel drive model to perform a reverse 180. Last summer, one of the WRX stunt cars was sold on eBay for nearly $70,000. Lead actor Ansel Elgort became so attached to the car that he begged Sony to give him one. "I just harassed Sony and asked once a week. 'Please give me one. I know you have like six of them. Let me have one. Let me have one. I'll pay for it. I'll this, I'll that,'" he told Vanity Fair last summer. "And eventually, they finally said fine, you can have one. We wrapped the film last May. I finally got it in March. They gave it to me for my birthday."

If you were worried that Elgort's Subaru would spend its life stored in a garage, then fear not. During the recent snowstorm in New York, Elgort put the stunt driving training he received during filming by veteran stuntman Jeremy Fry to good use. A video uploaded on his Twitter account shows the Hollywood star having fun doing donuts and sliding the all-wheel drive Subaru in the snow. "NYC snowstorm no worries baby will give you a ride," he Tweeted. Yes, it appears the actor can actually drive like his character in the film. Frankly, we're glad to see that the WRX is being frequently used and enjoyed by its new owner instead of being displayed in a museum.

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