Watch The Best "Fate Of The Furious" Trailer You'll Ever See

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Unofficial, of course, but totally honest.

Those expecting something drastically different from the more recent "Fast and Furious" installments were probably disappointed by "Fate of the Furious," the eighth film of the car chasing, drag racing, booty loving, crash and destruction happy summer blockbuster franchise. Those who wanted more of the same (sans Paul Walker, sadly) went home happy. Add to that submarines and tanks, it's become clear franchise writers and producers see no limits as to what can be included. If it's fast and powerful, then why the hell not?

And then there's the acting. It is what it is, and isn't what it isn't. Point being is that no one should take any of these movies seriously, exception being Vin Diesel. He's the guy who once said Furious 8 will win an Oscar. His acting style even reflects just how serious he takes these movies to be. Even The Rock seems to be having more fun than his co-star/rival.

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All of this is more apparent than ever in Honest Trailer's latest hilarious video, Fate of the Furious. This is the Honest Trailers you've been waiting for, and it's hilarious, harsh and spot-on. By the way, did anyone else notice the budding (non-sexual) Bromance between Luke Hobbs and Owen Shaw?

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