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Watch The BMW M2 Competition Set Another Bizarre World Record

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It’s certainly an unusual way to demonstrate a car’s agility.

BMW's new marketing campaign for the M2 Competition is certainly unusual. To demonstrate the car's agility and handling, the Bavarian automaker has set out to break several world records previously set by humans. In the last stunt, the M2 Competition successfully popped 79 balloons in under 60 seconds with a laser beam. This time, the M2 Competition was brought to Cape Town, South Africa, to try and beat a previous record by cutting more than 87 straw mats with a blade.

"This is a very tricky bit of driving, it is virtually impossible," stunt coordinator Marc Higgins explained. "The demands on the BMW M2 Competition are immense. Every drift has to be performed with absolute precision; there is no room for error. A strong presence and agility naturally help a lot." Director Oison Tymon confirmed the performance coupe shattered the previous record, successfully cutting 117 bamboo mats in under a minute.

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The rolled-up bamboo mats were arranged in semi-circles so that they could be cut while drifting using a precision blade attached to the rear of the car. Apart from the addition of the blade, the M2 Competition was left completely stock to perform the stunt and features the same technology as the series-production vehicle including two selector switches that allow drivers to adjust the engine, steering and Drivelogic functions.

Power is provided by the same twin-turbo 3.0-liter straight-six engine used in the M3 and M4 tuned to deliver 405 hp and 406 lb-ft, enabling the performance coupe to hit 0-62 mph in four seconds.