Watch The BMW M4 CSL Break A Nurburgring Record

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It looks like it could go even quicker with warmer tires at the start.

The BMW M4 CSL has finally been revealed, and it's an absolute monster. It's stiffer, faster, lighter, and sexier than the regular M4, and its power figure is arguably smack-bang in the sweet spot of usable performance, producing 543 horsepower. It's also got a set of M Carbon ceramic brakes as standard and the S58 twin-turbocharged straight-six is happier to rev too. It genuinely is the track-attacking successor to the almost-perfect E46 M3 CSL that it should be.

All of the work done on the car has seen it achieve a new Nurburgring lap record for series-produced BMWs along with "a new official record in the middle-class segment." Now, we get to sit back and watch it achieve that phenomenal lap time from the driver's perspective.

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2023 BMW M4 CSL Driving Front Angle BMW
2023 BMW M4 CSL Front View Driving BMW
2023 BMW M4 CSL Rear View Driving BMW

When it first sets off, the tires are still a little cold and you can hear the limited-edition M4 lose traction as it accelerates out of slow bends, indicating that the car could possibly achieve an even lower time if those Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires were in their ideal operating window of temperature. Once the rubber is warm enough though, it's quite clear that, despite sending all its power to the rear axle, this thing is beautifully set up and allows you to accelerate out of corners far earlier than you may expect. Those enormous 15.7-inch front and 15-inch rear brake discs also do a fine job of slowing the car, and the body control is outstanding through fast and slow turns alike.

2023 BMW M4 CSL Forward View BMW

We genuinely hope that those who are lucky enough to buy one of these will try to ignore the fact that only 1,000 units are being produced at a cost of $140,895 (including a $995 destination fee). We hope these individuals use the car as intended, attacking the track, banging into the limiter, and making onlookers happy. We hope that the area in the rear of the car is used as intended, keeping racing helmets safe before they are donned and the special lightweight seats are adjusted for the track. We hope all this, but we know the truth: most people will buy these simply as an investment, and some will sell them for scandalous figures before their examples are even delivered. What a shame.

2023 BMW M4 CSL Rear View Driving BMW
2023 BMW M4 CSL Front View Driving BMW
2023 BMW M4 CSL Rear Perspective Driving BMW

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