Watch The Bugatti Chiron Hit 202 MPH Like It's Nothing

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Videos showing how insanely fast the Bugatti Chiron accelerate never get old.

By now, the almighty Bugatti Chiron needs no introduction. A successor to the legendary Veyron, the 8.0 liter, quadturbo W16 unit powering the Chiron produces an extraordinary 1,500-horsepower, pushing the limits of combustion engine performance. Currently, the Chiron is limited to a top speed of 261 mph, so it hasn't even reached its potential yet. Bugatti sold a lot of Chirons to rich customers last year, and so as a result we're seeing more videos of the hypercar being put through its paces.

This new video posted by ArabGT is an eye-opening reminder of how insanely fast the Chiron can accelerate, as a close-up of the speedometer shows the hypercar hitting 202 mph without breaking a sweat. While you would expect most hypercars with such earth-shattering power to be a handful to tame, the Chiron is comfortable, refined and easy to drive – even at over 200 mph.

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The Bugatti Chiron's spotlight may have been stolen by the record-beating 285 mph Koenigsegg Agera RS last year, but we're confident that Bugatti will soon come back on top and reclaim the crown for the fastest production car in the world, though it's starting to face some competition. While Bugatti delivered 70 Chirons last year, production of the 1,500-hp hypercar is limited to 500 and over 300 have already been sold to keep Bugatti busy over the next few years. Rest assured the Chiron still has plenty of life left in it.

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