Watch The Electric Nio EP9 Destroy The Nurburgring Lap Record

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Now we have proof in an official video.

We knew the NiO EP9 electric supercar was fast, but last week the electric supercar defied all expectations. Not content with setting the fastest lap time for an electric car at the Nurburgring, Nio knew it could be pushed harder. Now the Nio EP9 is officially the fastest production car to be unleashed onto the Green Hell, having set a new lap record of six minutes and 45.9 seconds, beating its previous lap by 19 seconds. We suspect Lamborghini aren't very happy about that, somehow.

The Porsche 918 held the Nurburgring lap record for nearly four years, whereas the Huracan was victorious for less than three months. And just to add insult to injury, it was beaten by an EV. It's an astonishing achievement, and just to placate the cynics we now have proof of the EP9's Ring record courtesy of an official video.

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Behind the wheel is racing driver Peter Dumbreck, who pushed the EP9 to its absolute limits until it was screaming for mercy. Watching the video, we think you'll agree that the EP9 is frighteningly fast. When you look at the specs, though, it's not surprising that it set a new production car lap record. Four electric motors combine to produce a mind-blowing power output of 1,341 horsepower and a 0-62 mph time of 2.7 seconds. It's also able to attack corners with ferocity thanks to its adjustable wing helping the car achieve 2.53 g of cornering force at 143 mph. The legitimacy of the lap is still up for debate, however.

The EP9 is technically street-legal, but whether it qualifies as a production car is another matter since only six have been made, with another ten to follow costing $1.48 million each. Still, there's no denying that the EP9 is a game-changer for the industry that signifies the rise of the electric supercar.

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