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A history lesson and a glimpse into the electric future.

In danger of fading into obscurity, Maserati blew the cobwebs away and initiated a similar effect on our minds when the Italian automaker revealed the stunning new MC20 supercar, built on a new platform ready for electrification. That's not the only electrified model coming either, as Maserati aims to get with the times and implement the tech across its whole range in the next five years. A new SUV is also on the way, called the Grecale, and the marketing team has been working on drumming up hype for its new Trofeo models with a tour of America. But that's not all. Maserati has also found the time to compile a new short film, and it's a stunning tribute to the past that also highlights the brand's future plans, including the next-generation all-electric GranTurismo.

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The video was released in celebration of the company's 106th anniversary and is called "Maserati from A to Z". As you can see in the video, each letter of the alphabet is used to shine a light on either a past, present, or future model, or to denote a desirable attribute of the brand and its cars and people. There are a few stunning shots of the gorgeous Bora, a car that we think should be reinterpreted for the 21st century, as well as nods to the iconic Biturbo. As much as we love the nostalgia, Maserati also used the film to reaffirm its commitment to electrification and highlight its history with empowered women.

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If the music in the video sounds familiar, it's a special "Maserati Mix" of the classic Giorgio Moroder piece The Chase. If you haven't clicked play on the above video, keep an eye out for the letter S, which Maserati uses to highlight sound, and turn up the volume. We wish there was more noise, but the whole video is quite satisfying and builds enthusiasm for the brand, climaxing with a glimpse at future models like the Grecale and the upcoming, all-electric GranTurismo. Here's hoping that Maserati takes the opportunity afforded by its rediscovered relevance and continues to innovate long after the MC20 supercar becomes old news. The world needs eclectic and passionate car brands, and few fit that bill as well as Maserati.

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