Watch The Evolution Of The F1 Steering Wheel In 3 Minutes


That's almost 60 years of evolution.

Those who don't follow Formula One may not know that the world's premier racing series has influenced the auto industry in too many ways to count. (We tried to count all the ways once and stopped after five.) Take steering wheels, for example. Have you ever wondered why the modern steering wheel is filled with buttons or where paddle shifters were first pioneered? Yup, you have F1 to thank for that. This video from Donut Media captures the evolution of the Formula One steering wheel from 1957 all the way up to today.

It was shot with the help of the Racing Hall of Fame Collection and features actual steering wheels used in races. F1 buffs are sure to get a kick out of all the history here.

Watching these steering wheels evolve over the years you can see just how important racing is to driving innovation in the auto industry. If you want to know what new buttons and abilities steering wheels of the future will have then you'd best start paying closer attention to F1. Hopefully some automaker out there is working on a steering wheel with a "Drink" button. We'd buy any car if it came with one of those.

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