Watch The Evolution Of The Nissan Skyline In Less Than Three Minutes

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Believe it or not, it dates back to 1957.

Exactly 60 years ago, the Prince Motor Company launched a small sedan called the Skyline. When it merged with Nissan in 1966, the Skyline name stuck around and it's been with us ever since. But the latest evolution of the Skyline nameplate is drastically different than that sedan. Donut Media has, once again, put together a fantastic timeline video showcasing the evolution of the Nissan Skyline. Little by little, the car that's now called the GT-R began to take shape, and it's fascinating to see how it did so.

It took until 1969 for the Skyline to become a coupe, the same year the GT-R moniker was used for the first time as well. That makes sense considering that merger took place only three years before. The '69 Skyline GT-R was powered by a 2.0-liter inline-six, and it actually sounded pretty darn sweet.

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Yes, this video also includes sound effects for each generation and its respective engine. As the car's time line shows, there was a 16 year production absence. It didn't return until the late 80s, but it only took another decade for the now iconic R34 to appear. As we've previously reported, Americans can now legally import the R32 since the 25-year ban is over. But the R32 is just one piece of the nameplate's history.

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