Watch The Evolution Of The One And Only Porsche 911 In Less Than Two Minutes


Still butt-engined after all these years.

Without question the Porsche 911 is one of the greatest sports cars of all time. Many argue (really, you can’t get them to stop) that it is the greatest. To each their own but no one can deny its significance and that it rightly deserves proper recognition. From when it debuted in 1963 until 1989, its body shape didn’t change at all, aside from various exterior modifications like that ducktail. It wasn’t until the 964 debuted in ’89 did Porsche make any significant styling changes.

Those changes continued with its 993 successor, but the most dramatic change came in 1997 when the 996 was introduced. For the first time, the 911 had undergone a complete redesign inside and out. Heck, Porsche even ditched the air-cooled flat-six engine for a water-cooled unit.

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Many purists were pissed. Despite more recent redesigns, the 911 has always been (and always will be) butt-engined. The flat-six remains but now it’s turbocharged. Still though, its distinctive shape remains and Donut Media has created the following video showcasing the 911’s evolution.