Watch The Evolution Of The Porsche 911 In Just One Minute

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Still butt-engined after all these years.

Porsche recently announced the production of the one-millionth 911, which will take its place in the official Porsche museum after a global tour. Since 1963, the Porsche 911 has for many represented the ideal sports car, while others say it's little more than an evolved version of the also butt-engined Volkswagen Beetle. That's quite a stretch, we know, but the 911's ancestor can't be denied. In this new Porsche video, it takes just over a minute to show the evolution of the 911.

From the first to the current seventh generation, the 911's overall shape hasn't changed all that much, but its dimensions certainly have.

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Compare for a moment the original body shell, which was in production until 1996, to today's 911. That same silhouette is still there. The design doesn't work for everyone, and that's okay. But what can't be denied is Porsche's longtime commitment to a car whose rear-engine setup is considered ancient by all other automakers.

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