Watch The Fascinating Build Process Of The FL5 Honda Civic Type R In Japan

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The FL5-generation hot hatch is being assembled with cutting-edge production technology.

While Honda has plenty of production plants in the USA to build cars like the CR-V, with more plans to expand its facilities for EV production, one car that retains its Japanese-only production is the upcoming Honda Civic Type R. For those who have a passion for one of the brand's most desired monikers over the past 25 years, Honda has treated us to a short video showing us intricate details of the production line that will be putting Honda's latest hot hatch together.

Like the premise of the finished product, the assembly of the FL5 Honda Civic Type R takes full advantage of the man-and-machine relationship. Factory workers dressed in pristine protective overalls work with great efficiency and precision in conjunction with the intricate automated machinery.

Honda/YouTube Honda/YouTube

The video takes us through snippets of the car's molding process, assembly, and more. We also get to see some of the components such as the exhaust system and billet steel gear shift knob fitted by hand.

As for the painting process, the video explains to us how the partially autonomous process of adding color to the Civic Type R is a first of its kind for the facility.

Of course, not all of the work is done at its Yorii Automobile Plant in Saitama. The K20C1 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four pushing 325 horsepower to the front wheels together with its six-speed manual gearbox is constructed at the Suzuka factory and then assembled at Honda's Ogawa factory before being sent to the location of the chassis for installation.

Honda/YouTube Honda/YouTube Honda/YouTube

Like almost every car currently in production, innovation on the production line is just as important as the final product, and while new multi-million-dollar investments are often made, it is always a nice treat to get an in-depth view at how these upgrades are applied.

Let's hope that this also isn't the last that we get to see of Honda's facilities. The brand has already announced several investment plans for its EV production in the USA which will be rolled out in the coming months. Seeing that these look towards the new age of motoring, we expect an even more impressive production line.

Honda/YouTube Honda/YouTube

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