Watch The Ferrari 812 Replacement Strut Its Stuff Around The Fiorano Test Track

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You're looking at the 812 successor in action.

Even though Ferrari has every intention of going electric, the Prancing Horse has no plans to abandon the combustion engine. This was evidenced by the introduction of the Purosangue, a V12-powered SUV that laughs in the face of downsizing. And it seems the 12-cylinder trend is set to continue.

While this may look like a Roma with a trick paint job, it's actually a Ferrari prototype. Under the familiar body panels live the platform and heart of a rumored 812 successor, codenamed F167. The incredible 812 was put out to pasture in February, so Maranello has been hard at work testing its replacement. Thanks to YouTuber and Ferrari aficionado Varryx, we get to see it hit the track for the first time.


In the video above, the camouflaged newcomer exhibits exceptional dynamic prowess. The 812 and its predecessors aren't small coupes, but they've always managed to shrink around the driver and provide startling performance. F167 seems to be no different; it dances through the bends with precision.

The test driver's careful and considered inputs coax the Ferrari into corners gently, but the almighty powerplant unleashes an explosion of power once it exits the corner. Look closely and you'll notice the prototype snaking its way out of a bend as the tires struggle to find traction. The brakes look to be robust, slowing the Ferrari down quickly as the hazard lights flash in protest.


That all pales in comparison to the intoxicating sound of the V12 engine. There's no way of knowing what's under that elongated hood, but it's very likely to be a continuation of the F140 twelve-pot that's been around since the early 2000s. The latest iteration can be found in the aforementioned Purosangue in which it produces 715 horsepower and 528 lb-ft of torque.

As we've previously speculated, it's safe to assume the 6.5-liter will gain hybrid assistance to boost power in excess of 800 hp. In terms of styling, we cannot say what the latest model will look like, but judging by the Purosangue and the latest SP51 one-off creation, the 812 replacement will be a looker.


The borrowed bodywork is a sure sign that the F167 is still a long way from an official debut. We wouldn't be surprised to see teasers in 2023, followed by an official debut later in the year or even in 2024. We're just happy that Ferrari is giving us yet another V12-powered sports car.

Whether it's the last of its kind remains to be seen, but we're grateful nevertheless. The competition (and the industry as a whole) has pivoted toward downsizing or electrification. Ferrari knows its customers won't settle for anything less than a V12. Judging by its performance on the track, they won't be disappointed by the latest thoroughbred in Ferrari's stable.


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