Watch The Ferrari 812 Superfast Successor Go Sideways At Fiorano

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Ferrari continues work on the next V12 supercar.

Ferrari has continued work on its V12-engined 812 Superfast successor, and we're seeing it here on track at Fiorano. Obviously, the brand is using a Ferrari Roma as a mule still, indicating that the 812's replacement is a ways off yet. Ferrari has been using a Roma as a mule since early last year, just after 812 Superfast production ended.

In the video, Italian car spotter Varryx has filmed the 812 successor testing at Fiorano, and it looks like the addition of a V12 makes the Roma quite a handful. Then again, it is winter in Italy, and cold tires probably aren't helping, which might be why we see this mule execute some powerslides a handful of times.

Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube

Interestingly, we also see some pretty heavy understeer from the car. At one point, headed into a hard left-hander, the test mule understeers heavily, pushing the car wide and likely closer to the gravel traps than Ferrari would like. Obviously, this is what development mules are for. Still, the driver had to hammer on the brakes to slow the car and get the front end back in to prevent a costly screw-up.

As ever, the 812's successor sounds incredible. Ferrari may as well dispense with the camo, as the sound of the engine is wholly unmistakable. It sounds particularly nasty on downshifts, and we're curious to see if the production car will pack some gearbox improvements.

Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube

Speaking of camo, it appears things haven't changed aesthetically since the last time we spotted Ferrari's test mule. It is, without a doubt, a production Roma with a V12 shoved under the hood. We're sure some mechanical changes had to be made to accommodate an engine with a whole four more cylinders than the Roma's V8, but they aren't visible.

Most likely, Ferrari had to modify the car's firewall to fit the new engine. Or worse, the V12 is hanging over the Roma's front axle. We'd imagine this is tantamount to assassinating a Pope in Maranello, but this car is just a test mule. Hopefully, we'll spot a more production-ready car soon.

Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube

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